After for a long time maintained design GL Pro for almost 2 decades finally the Astra Honda Motor side threw design just to continue the variant of this model, Pro clouds. That when to the model of GL Pro finally was given by the name of the production model of GL Pro 2 ate clouds of Pro bermodel GL Pro 3. Paid close attention to this model from our form felt was satisfied with the appearance of the new plan, but when being paid close attention to by us more thorough, moreover when we have been used to use the model of GL Pro beforehand then we will feel somewhat disappointed because Pro clouds from the aspect of the machine and the framework still were just the same with GL Pro beforehand that had a capacity of 156,7 cc with just a few differences, from the aspect of the other component like speedmeter, sign light, front light et cetera evidently only comotan from the variant of the Honda motor that was other (Tiger). It was actual that the matter like this could was done by the motor modifiers, that when we had read tabloit or the special magazine the Automotive kind or the Plus Motor, the modification like this was the normal matter. So in fact Pro clouds only the modification of GL Pro that was done by the manufacturer's side, and almost did not have the technological innovation that was with him.

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