Could not be ignored, two duck motor-scooters (skubek) Honda BeAT and Yamaha New Mio still wage war seized the consumer. The price both of them were sharp thin. BeAT only issued the variant casting wheel with the price ounce the road (OTR) for Jakarta surrounding area 12 million IDR. His competitor, New Mio with the rim of the bar defined 11.8 million IDR. BeAT appeared in the style of skubek Europe. Main light and the right-left sign were one place. While New Mio, main light and the sign were still being separated. Rarely the motor nose and the mudguard BeAT parted. Different was the same New Mio that tended to be in a meeting. The dimension body and the weight was more minor than Vario, so as to be suitable to carry out the manoeuvre. Honda Beat be easy and was comfortable enough to be driven for them who had the measurement of posture was and proportional. Honda Beat was equipped the CVT machine 4-not 110cc that was environment-friendly and quality Euro II. Motor this was considered to be very frugal. For consumption 1 litre the petrol, Beat could explore through to 60km, with the constant speed 50 km/the hour.

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