The development of an ECU-integrated throttle body module for an electronic fuel injection system for small motorcycles

Honda has a goal to reduce the total emissions of HC (hydro-carbon) from new vehicles to approximately 1/3 and to further improve the average fuel economy by approximately 30% (both from 1995) by the year 2005. To realize the goal, we at Asaka R&D Center considered that the small motorcycles used in many countries in the world should be improved further for clean exhaust gas and low fuel consumption. Accordingly, we have started development of the PGM-FI system for small motorcycles with engines of 125cc or smaller, including air-cooled engines.

To ensure clean exhaust gas and high fuel economy, the control of combustion through an accurate fuel supply is a must. As the conventional FI system (electronic fuel injection system) applied to motorcycles is bulky and costly, its application has been mostly in large motorcycles using multi-cylinder engines. In the newly developed PGM-FI, in order to apply to small displacement models, the obstacles have been eliminated by fully using Honda\’s techniques to down-size components as well as making maximum use of the FI techniques attained from the large motorcycles. The compact PGM-FI offers new benefits such as the reduction of released environmentally detrimental substances and the improvement of driveablity, economy, etc.

PGM-FI is a registered trademark of Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

Specification Technical of Supra X125 R.

Panjang X lebar X tinggi : 1.889 x 702 x 1.094 mm
Jarak sumbu roda : 1.242 mm
Jarak terendah ke tanah : 138 mm
Berat kosong : 105kg / 103 (Tipe Spoke)
Tipe rangka : Tulang punggung
Tipe suspensi depan : Teleskopik
Tipe suspensi belakang : Lengan ayun dan peredam kejut ganda
Ukuran ban depan : 70/90 - 17M / C 38P
Ukuran ban belakang : 80/90 - 17M / C 44P
Rem depan : Cakram double piston
Rem belakang : Cakram single piston / Tromol (Tipe Spoke)
Kapasitas tangki bahan bakar : 3,7 liter
Tipe mesin : 4 langkah, SOHC, pendinginan udara
Diameter x langkah : 52,4 x 57,9 mm
Volume langkah : 124,8 cc
Perbandingan kompresi : 9,0 : 1
Daya maksimum : 9,3 PS / 7.500 rpm
Torsi maksimum : 1,03 kgf.m / 4000 rpm
Kapasitas minyak pelumas mesin : 0,7 liter pada penggantian periodik
Kopling Otomatis : Otomatis sentrifugal
Gigi transmsi : Kecepatan bertautan tetap
Pola pengoperan gigi : N-1-2-3-4-N (rotari)
Starter : Pedal dan elektrik
Aki : 12 V - 3,5 Ah
Busi : ND U20EPR9 / NGK CPR6EA-9
Sistem pengapian : Carburator - DC CDI

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