Honda All New Jazz RS Modifications

Home Adoption Noblesse, Civic Rear Similar
Overview, Honda All New Jazz RS 2008 manufacturer owned by Ken appear indifferent. But, when the automotive understand, you will memicingkan eyes glance back to the car.

If viewed from the front, the overall form of a bumper grill while it has a special taste. The bumper is made using items tuner Netherlands, the Noblesse. A tuner that is often used on Honda cars. In fact, the items Noblesse actually significant if paired with the other cars.

"Noblesse actually used for identical cars with modifications elegant. But, a car that, I use a special edition racing. Kok seems suitable for use of Jazz," said high school students in St. Louis 1.

In part that, Ken elongate bumper and replace the property with a Mugen. The result? The car is 7 cm shorter. Pelek also appear embedded in the bottom of the spoiler. Although visible meringsek, felly used must remain strong. Ken also choose the Buddy Club P1 ring size 18.

"I like the models. In addition to cool, he has six crossbar. Strong. Heksagonal terms is a popular strong," said Ken. Satisfied on the front, change to the stern. Using similar Bumpernya customize Honda Civic Hatchback European manufacturer.

"I kayak gini modifications seem cool though. Although the minimalist design, gahar remain invisible. Look luxurious, but the impression I leave racing," said pebasket Sinlui the defending team at the 2008 DBL.

The outside has been touched, he now switched to the inside. There, he does not do a lot of replacement. The most extreme, is only going to be changes in style racing seats.

"One of the most part I like is the seat. The penampakan, like how hard up. In fact, empuknya half dead. Try just sitting. Pasti steady," he explained.

Modifying cars kinyis-kinyis it is not easy. Consideration will need to mature enough. One step, ready waiting for big losses. In fact, Ken has long wanted to modify the car. But he has not been matched with a mount before. The reason, if less comfortable as a student he used.

Ken then ask dibelikan Honda Jazz ortunya same. He can enjoy after the pivot mount for about three months. He is enjoying a new start in September 2008. "Once up in the house, even though the license plate number has not been so, I sekolahkan direct to home modifications," he said.

Modif house that Ken is selected VAJ. "Design is all full bumper recommended by Koko Roy, owner of VAJ," he said. In fact, Ken still want to tear down the car more total. However, as will the UNAS, imprison her intention was. (aúl / KKN)

Specifications Honda All New Jazz RS 2008

Full fender custom
Stop lamp
Red Honda Emblem
Towing hook
Parking sensor
Hurricane HID lights
The lamp lights sein + spy + the middle
Hella horn
Mugen water chute

Bride racing seats + pangkon
Leg lamp
Pedal set
Steel plate Jazz
Velg Buddy Club P1 18x8
Falken Tire 215x80
Peer Mugen

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