Modifikasi Air Brush Toyota Avanza

Four-wheel vehicle market in India does not seem to have completely, the various producers like race-car race to release their new products to the people of Indonesia, as the market will demand four-wheel vehicle that does not terbendung again. This is used by car manufacturers in Indonesia.

Examples are Toyota Astra Motor (TAM) after successful getting to the heart of the Indonesian people released New Kijang Innova in 2008, known previously irit of Innova, PT TAM is now working with the Daihatsu Indonesia to bring the New Avanza car known as the family car that does not lose competitiveness product with the car other classmates.

Toyota Avanza

This time New Avanza comes with a more spectacular view of the penggemarnya. From the exterior, with the new Avanza roof lining or the roof of a wave like Toyota Innova. Avanza body postures with a high factor of aerodynamics needs to be obstacles to the wind, not only that wave roof can also muffle the sound when the rain menguyur hoods.

TAM did not lose the idea to change the display bumper New Avanza with a bumper memetingkan smooth when the air entering the engine room so that the New Avanza cooling fan work that bumper display at this time.

New engine used Avanza not much different Avanza engine with VVT-i is a long time, to use the New Avanza VVT-i engine is economical and economical.

For convenience drive New Toyota Avanza Avanza facelift Suspensi use that will make the drive more comfortable. Development Suspensi promised this will be able to muffle any surprises due to the uneven road. Compared to previous Suspensi famous hard.

Currently PT TAM provides a type 4 New Avanza with 7 color choices. Price for New Avanza Minor Change EM / T = Rp 116,800,000, Minor-Change New Avanza GM / T = Rp 131,750,000,-New Avanza Minor Change SM / T = Rp 143,100,000,-New Avanza Minor Change SA / Q = Rp 153,100,000, --

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