Have jumpa Hummer H3 used tires 26 inches in Jakarta? Or may be in large cities such as Surabaya, Bandung, Makassar, Medan or. Even if there is, the Hummer uses 24 inches, and is already quite large.

You do not suppose that in the city of Palu, Central Sulawesi, a Hummer H3 with the fourth wheel of life velg 26 inches. In fact, their own car production in 2009. More does not believe anymore, the owner Nendra Haddado aged 22 years. In addition to a child, he became treasurer HIPMI Palu branch.

Nendra obsessed life velg 26 inches in the city, a popular food with Kaledo, the applications are going velg large. Uniquely, the rim in the gutter Revolution Lace Hummer ordered from the United States has a PCD blank. That is, not provided bautnya hole.

Wibowo Santoso, empress boss Ban, assert, ensure the manufacturer is velg cracked or broken anchor hole is created. And, for the Hummer is owned Nendra, PCD is obtained with 6 x 139.7 offset 35 mm. Price velg is Rp 135 million.

Views velg the more sweet with the fingers, although not the actual fingers and have the advantages that has 5 different views. How, with the chip up-blade according tastes. Then, if want more creative, be chip-chip color.

To Vortec engine in the Hummer, labor standard 220 hp it is enough. Interior also did not have to change.

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